Calculating Fraud Level of Ad Clicks

What click fraud levels does ADWARY assign to any ad click?

ADWARY analyzes every click on your ads on Google if you have set up ADWARY monitoring.

These accesses are continuously monitored 24/7 and divided into three levels.

The distribution (based on the last 30 days) can be viewed separately for each project created in the ADWARY user interface.

Distribution of Click Fraud Levels

Fraud Level Low

These are ad clicks that are not considered fraudulent.

Fraud Level Medium

These are ad clicks that are classified as suspicious on the basis of various criteria. Users' access is not yet blocked, but they are subject to closer monitoring.

If a suspicion is confirmed, these ad clicks are shifted to the fraud level high.

Fraud Level High

This category includes access via Google Ads with concrete suspicions. Access of this kind is automatically blocked in your Google Ads account and will no longer generate costs if you have booked a plan with automatic blocking.