Learning Period or Hard vs. Soft Factors

What is the learning period and why does it exist? How long does the learning period last? Am I protected during the learning period?

What is the learning period?

There is a learning period for some types of fraudulent clicks. The learning period at Adwary is a period where Adwary determines what types of ad clicks you receive on your site and how users normally behave on your site. During this time, not all fraudulent clicks may be detected as such if they come from individuals with different behaviors.

The learning phase is marked in the dashboard with a tag Learning above the project.

Learning period tag

Are my campaigns protected during the learning period?

In a nutshell, yes.

There are so-called hard and soft indicators for a high probability of click fraud. Hard factors are already known at the first fraudulent click and immediately lead to a blocking of the corresponding IPs. Soft factors, on the other hand, have to be learned first and sometimes do not lead to a blocking of fraudulent clicks at the beginning unless hard factors are already in place.

However, Adwary has already defined some basic assumptions for the soft factors to be learned, which determine fraudulent clicks already well. These basic assumptions are adjusted during the learning period based on the incoming data.

A unique feature of Adwary is its so-called [Cross-Customer-Detection]. No matter if hard or soft factors, everything that already seems suspicious with other Adwary customers will also be taken into account in your campaigns and thus ensures security. This means that the learning period only affects really unknown fraudsters and fortunately they are rather the exception.

Duration of the learning period

The learning period lasts several days and requires a certain number of incoming ad clicks. As soon as sufficient data is available and appropriate adjustments have been made, the learning period is considered completed.

And what happens after the learning period?

Even after the learning period has ended, Adwary continues to learn and adapts the soft factors continuously (see Continuous Learning).