ADWARY® at a Glance

Functionality of ADWARY in the summary

Recording Clicks

Adwary tracks every single click on your ads. This includes various data such as IP (anonymised and shortened), time and the data transmitted by the browser. How exactly the clicks are recorded and what you have to do to achieve this can be read here.

Calculating Fraud Level

This data is used almost in real time to determine whether it is click fraud and to classify each click accordingly. You can find out the details in this article.

Blocking IPs

If Adwary believes that this is click fraud, Google will block this IP or IP range in its ad serving so that no more ads will be delivered there. How exactly this works and how you set it up, we have summarized here for you.

Continuous Learning

Adwary is constantly learning to adapt to changing click fraud methods, as you can read here. But we also use the results of other campaigns around the world to protect your campaigns against click fraud.


For everything that Adwary records and what Adwary's view is, you can retrieve extensive evaluations and reports. What these are and how you use them can be found here.

Claiming Refunds

This also allows you to request a refund from Google, if applicable. All you need to know is in this article.