Recording of Ad Clicks

How are the ad clicks recorded?


In order for Adwary to monitor and protect your campaigns, you need to set up the so-called ADWARY Monitoring.

The basis for the monitoring is the tracking of the clicks on your Google AdWords ads.

This is done in two ways, server-side and client-side tracking. Server-side tracking (or campaign tracking) is absolutely necessary for Adwary monitoring to work. This transfers the basic click data that Adwary uses to calculate the probability of fraud.

The client-side tracking (or landing page tracking) is optional and enriches this data with details that specify the calculation of the probability of fraud. We also recommend implementing client-side tracking in order to give Adwary an optimal basis for decisions regarding click fraud.

Server-Side Tracking (Campaign Tracking, mandatory)

Server-side tracking is essential for ADWARY to function. This provides ADWARY with the essential data to investigate a click on its probability of fraud.

Server-side tracking is easy to set up. After creating a project you copy the tracking URL from the tracking settings of the project into your Google Ads account as a tracking template. Then, by clicking on the ad, the user is taken directly to the landing page of the ad, while the tracking URL is called simultaneously and without delay via the so-called browser beacon technology.

Client-Side Tracking (Landing Page Tracking, optional)

With client-side tracking, ADWARY is provided with additional data after loading the landing page, in order to further refine the calculation of the probability of fraud.

The client-side tracking is based on a small JavaScript code snippet that is implemented on each landing page. You get the code after you have created a project. Since the code is only used when the page is already loaded, there is no delay for the user.

Privacy? Surely!

Both tracking components as well as the entire data processing of ADWARY are GDPR-compatible. We do not store or profile any personal or personally identifiable information, as the entire system is designed according to the two data protection principles "Privacy by Design" and "Privacy by Default".

Read more about privacy at ADWARY.