What reporting options are there? What can be taken from the reports? How do I create reports?

Available Reports

Most reports are directly accessible in the Project View. In addition, there are detailed views in which more data is available.

You also have the option of downloading data from previous months and the current month as a CSV file.

This gives you all the information you need to prove and document click fraud.

Distribution of Click Fraud

You can get an overview of the distribution of click fraud in the account dashboard. This serves as first information about the current status of your campaigns.

Account Dashboard

You can also view the distribution in the project dashboard. The last 30 days are taken into account when displaying the data.

Project Dashboard


Adwary offers also a world map in the project dashboard, in which the recent 1000 fraudulent clicks are shown. You can also zoom into this map to get a more detailed view of a region.


In the project dashboard you can also see the development of the number of fraudulent clicks in the last 30 days. This will allow you to see how your campaigns are developing with respect to click fraud.

Note that if automatic blocking is activated, the values only reflect the part that has just been detected as click fraud. Users of already blocked IPs will not see your ads anymore. As a result, they can no longer click your ads and Adwary can no longer count any clicks from these users.

This means that the activities of these users are no longer listed as click fraud, even if they are still actively searching for your ads.

Fraud Filter

If there are items in the fraud filter of the project, the last items are shown in the project dashboard. The complete list of all banned anonymous IPs can be found in the fraud filter detail view.

Recent Clicks

A list of the most recent clicks can be found in abbreviated form in the project dashboard. You can find more clicks in the list of recent clicks as described under recent clicks. For each click we provide a set of detailed data.


Adwary also provides reports for download as CSV files. These files contain all recorded clicks and Adwary's rating of the click fraud level.

What can I find in the reports?

Depending on which view you are looking at, different data is available. The project dashboard is mainly for your overview and is generated from the collected data. If you are interested in the details, you should have a look at the click details or the automatically generated reports.

The automatically generated reports are mainly used to document click fraud and claim refunds if it is detected.

How do I create reports?

All reports are generated automatically by Adwary. In the project view, recent data on different aspects (see above) is displayed. In the reports you will find the data for the individual clicks on a monthly basis.

How to create reports click here.