Automatically Stop Click Fraud

How does ADWARY manage to stop detected click fraud immediately?

All ad clicks registered by ADWARY are analyzed for click fraud. But what happens if click fraud is detected? The click can not be undone.

ADWARY collects all anonymous IPs, from which clicks classified as fraudulent come, in your individual blacklist. This blacklist is the basis for automatically stopping fraudulent clicks in the future.

In order to automatically stop fraudulent clicks, these requirements must be met:

  1. You have booked a plan with ADWARY which includes the automatic fraud prevention.
  2. You have created and set up at least one project in ADWARY and linked your Google Ads account to that project.
  3. You have set up and activated monitoring correctly.

If all requirements are met, ADWARY will automatically transfer your blacklist to your Google Ads account. The blacklist in your Google Ads account always has absolute priority over all other campaign settings and means that for users with a (shortened) IP from the blacklist, no more ads from your Google-Ads account will be served. This means that a fraudulent user or machine can no longer click your ads, of course.

As soon as ADWARY classifies an ad click as fraudulent, this entry is added to your blacklist and immediately transferred to your Google Ads account (if the above requirements are met).

Due to our special Cross-Customer-Detection IPs, which have already been classified as fraudulent by other ADWARY customers, will be blocked immediately at first appearance.

By the way: Your individual blacklist will also be maintained continuously if you only use the free ADWARY monitoring and not the automatic fraud protection. However, no fraudulent clicks will be prevented. But as soon as you switch to a plan that contains automatic fraud protection, your already established individual blacklist is immediately transferred to Google.


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