Causes of Click Fraud

Why is there click fraud? Who has an interest? What is the motivation behind it?


There are several reasons for click fraud. The most obvious is your competitor's desire to gain an advantage by clicking on your ads, making the ad unprofitable for you or even invisible for users, because the clicks consume your budget entirely.

Brand Enemies

No matter whether you are international, national or regional: If you have achieved a certain level of awareness, you are always exposed to so-called brand enemies or brand haters. Their motivation is mostly irrational and hard to understand. There is a hatred or contempt, which is lived out especially on the Internet and is no longer accessible to rational arguments at all.

Unsatisfied Customers or Employees

But also dissatisfied former customers or employees who want to take revenge on you for whatever reason can be the cause of click fraud.

Collateral Damage

In addition, a kind of collateral damage can be considered as a source of click fraud. The target of click fraud is actually other advertisers, but the measures do not differentiate accurately enough and also hit you.

Address Data Collectors

It is also possible for data collectors such as dubious address dealers to click on your ads to go to the landing page and collect certain data there.

Market Research

Last but not least, some market researchers have already been convicted of cost-causing clicks on advertisements, so that this category can also be a possible cause of click fraud.

The last two categories do not fall under the definition of click fraud in the narrower sense because the targets behind them are different, but for you this makes no difference as the damage is the same as for the other categories. Therefore, we also classify these causes as click fraud to be prevented.

Regardless of the cause, there are different ways to implement click fraud. Learn more about how click fraud works.