Consequences of Click Fraud

Why is click fraud a problem? To what extent? What are the consequences?

Higher Costs

Primarily you incur higher costs through click fraud, without winning new prospects or customers to the same extent. The budget efficiency decreases. This can lead to a situation where customer acquisition is no longer profitable for you. Your competitors will be happy.

Reduced Visibility

Your ads will be placed less often or even not at all, because your budget is used up. Users who are looking for a suitable offer no longer see you, only your competitors. You lose the chance to be noticed by prospective customers and to win them as customers.

Worse Ad Position

Google and other search engines use many factors to determine the relevance of your ads. Click fraud results in a decrease in the relevance of your ads and you are penalized with higher costs or a worse ad position. This brings you to the aforementioned points and is bad for you and your campaigns.

Extent of Click Fraud

Click fraud has several causes, therefore about 72% of all campaigns are affected by it. The estimated damage amounts to $ 9.5 billion worldwide. In highly competitive industries, up to 84% of all clicks are fraudulent. With Adwary's monitoring you can determine how severely you are affected and automatically exclude fraudulent clicks on your ads.