Data Protection and the Tracking Feature of ADWARY®

Learn in detail what information we collect when you use our tracking to protect your Google Ads campaigns.

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As a German company we are subject to the DSGVO (Data Protection Regulation) and the European GDPR. Therefore, we are extremely reserved in the collection of data if you use our tracking to protect your Google Ads campaigns.

Nevertheless, we need data to protect your campaigns. But we've done this quite cleverly so that we don't store any personally identifiable or related information and still protect against fraudulent clicks.

Our approach is based on the two principles Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default. In a nutshell, this means that where nothing is captured, nothing can be stored. And if capturing is necessary to guarantee the function, we ensure that the data is not personally identifiable.

We promise you that we will take great care to meet all the requirements of the DSGVO and GDPR. Because we know that protecting your users' privacy is extremely important to you.