Your Project Settings

Here you will find information about the general project details and the settings you can make on the project. You will also learn how to delete a project.


The name and landing page URL of the project can be changed at any time.

IP Settings

If you already have IPs in your Google Ads account that need to be blocked or you want to block IPs immediately, please enter them here.


Here you have the option to change the status of the project.

If a project is set to "inactive", the following points apply:

  • This project will no longer be monitored.
  • The previously blocked IP addresses will remain, but no more will be added.
  • The consumption for the quota is no longer taken into account.
  • The project can be reactivated - the data analysis is resumed from this point on.

Deleting a Project

The option to delete a project can be found under "Status" in the settings.

Please note that shortly after the deletion request, all project data will be deleted. This can not be undone.