Create and Set Up a First Project

Learn how to create a first project for your domain in ADWARY and how to set up the project to detect click fraud.


In order to detect and stop click fraud for your domain, you need a so-called project.


  1. You have a website for which you want to analyze click fraud.
  2. You have created an account with Adwary. If you don't have an account yet, you can create a free account here.

What To Do?

Log into your Adwary account to see your dashboard. If you have not yet created a project, your dashboard will look something like this:

Leeres Dashboard

To create a project, click "+". Now you can create your project:

Step 1: Project Name and Landing Page

Enter a name and URL for your project. The name will appear in the dashboard and in the reports for this project. You can change it at any time in the project settings. The URL is used to check client-side tracking when you want to use it. Here you can specify any landing page or the start page of the website. Like this:

Neues Projekt, erster Schritt

Step 2: Connect to Google Ads

Step 3: Select Google Ads Account

Step 4: Select Campaigns

Step 5: Copy Tracking Template to Google Ads