What Is the Monitoring of ADWARY?

What does the ADWARY click fraud monitoring do? What is it used for? What can I see?

How It Works

ADWARY essentially provides two functions. On the one hand the monitoring is responsible for the collection, analysis and evaluation of ad clicks, on the other hand the automatic blocking allows to prevent click fraud.

On the one hand, the monitoring enables you to recognize whether and to what extent your campaigns are affected by click fraud. On the other hand, monitoring is the basic function or pre-stage for automatic blocking.

Monitoring Only

If you use monitoring (without automatic blocking), you will see unfiltered what ad clicks you get. Without blocking, your ads will of course be delivered to click fraudsters, so you can estimate the damage for your campaigns.

If you have just started the monitoring, the absolute numbers always refer to the time from start. If the monitoring of a project has been running for more than 30 days, the numbers always refer to the last 30 days. It is therefore important for the correct evaluation of the results of a "still fresh" monitoring to extrapolate them to approx. 1 month.


Let's assume that you find that in 14 days 500 fraudulent clicks are counted. This means that in 4 weeks there will be about 1,000 fraudulent clicks. Calculated with an average click price of 0.50 EUR this results in a damage of 500 EUR each month. Depending on the average click price and the number of fraudulent clicks you will get different values.

Now you know what's going on and can activate automatic blocking if necessary.

Monitoring + Blocking

Monitoring includes all necessary steps to evaluate click fraud and is therefore a prerequisite for automatic blocking.

If you enable automatic blocking, the percentage of click fraud will of course decrease. But that's what you want! Consider this however, if you make calculations to the benefit. A statement about the saving is normally only possible if the automatic blocking is disabled and the blocking list deposited with Google is empty.


If you enable automativ blocking, the blocking list remains with Google. ADWARY does not automatically delete this list if blocking is disabled.