Connect Your Project to Google Ads & Set Up Optional Website Tracking

How to setup a project and connect it with your Google Ads account to track your ad clicks.

Google Ads Connection

First set up the Google Ads connection. In order for ADWARY® to monitor & protect your Google Ads account, access rights are required.

You can either select existing API connections or create a new one using Add Connection.

Google Ads Account

To have ADWARY® monitor and protect your Google Ads account, please select the appropriate Google Ads account.

Google Ads Campaigns

Please select the Google Ads campaigns you want to monitor and protect. You can change the selection at any time in the project settings. There are two options:

Select All Google Ad Account Campaigns

  • All campaigns are monitored and protected
  • Newly created campaigns are always automatically monitored and protected

Select Campaigns Yourself

  • In the left box you will find the not yet monitored and protected campaigns
  • In the right box you will find the selected/protected campaigns.
  • To select or deselect campaigns, proceed as follows:
    1. select campaign(s)
    2. click on "single arrow" selects the highlighted campaigns
    3. click on "double arrow" selects all campaigns from the list

Google Ads Tracking

Please add the URL shown in the setup as a tracking template to your Google Ads account. This URL must be entered in your Google Ads account exactly as it is shown.

Example: Tracking URL{lpurl}&cgt_b={campaignid}&cgt_c={adgroupid}&cgt_d={targetid}&cgt_e={network}&cgt_f={creative}&cgt_g={keyword}&cgt_h={placement}&cgt_i={adposition}&cgt_j={device}&cgt_k={devicemodel}&cgt_l={loc_physical_ms}

This is just an example! Please use only the tracking URLs shown in the specific project.

Steps With Google Ads

  1. Go to "Settings" in your Google Ads account
  2. Click on "Account Settings" above
  3. Click on "Tracking"
  4. Insert the copied tracking template (URL)
  5. Set the "automatic tag identification" to "Yes" if necessary

Einrichtung Tracking-Vorlage bei Google-Ads

Website Tracking

Website tracking allows ADWARY to analyze access to your website in more detail.

Please choose if you want to use website tracking:

Use Website Tracking

  • More precise analyses
  • Code setup on the site necessary

Do Not Use Website Tracking

  • No need to set up a code on the website
  • No evaluation of user behaviour directly on the website

If you want to use website tracking, copy the tracking code from the settings and paste it on all subpages of your website.

The tracking code can be implemented both between <head></head> and between <body></body>.

The script is designed so that it is "non-blocking" and is loaded asynchronously. This does not affect the loading speed of your website.


<script type="text/javascript">
    var js = d.createElement(s),
        sc = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
    js.type = "text/javascript";
    js.async = true;
    js.src = "";
    sc.parentNode.insertBefore(js, sc);
}(document, "script"));

If you use website tracking, the project will be paused and can only be activated when the tracking snippet is implemented properly on the website. ADWARY checks this when you activate the project.

The script shown is only an example of the script structure. For website tracking on your site use the code shown in your ADWARY account in the project settings.